Welcome to ChampionshipFit, founded by Ramiro Alvarez, a seasoned professional with over 12 years of certified training experience and seven years as a Division 1 college strength and conditioning coach. As a collegiate dual sport athlete and current masters track athlete, he brings a wealth of knowledge across various sports, including football, basketball, track and field, soccer, volleyball, tennis, golf, softball, baseball, and martial arts.


Our mission at ChampionshipFit is to enhance performance, minimize injury, and foster better habits to develop not only athletes but outstanding individuals. With a focus on foundational movement principles and the perfecting of angles for optimal speed, our coaching philosophy is rooted in trust, dedication, effort, and consistency.


In our realm, achieving championship-level success demands dedication, perseverance, focus, strategy, and hard work. We are here to inspire everyone to unlock their inner champion, whether pursuing optimal athletic performance, weight loss, muscle building, or overall health and well-being. At ChampionshipFit, we encourage you to move like an athlete, train like an athlete, look like an athlete, and ultimately, be an athlete.


Welcome to Championship FIT – where your personal victory begins.